George Alula


George Alula is an entrepreneur who has established his leadership within Fortune global 500 companies in the banking, telecommunication and automotives industries: Alcatel Cable, Bank Société Générale, Renault automobiles. Alula is the inventor of the most advanced safety sun visor for the vehicle with international patents in the US and in Europe. George Alula is the Co-founder of Fédération des Congolais de l’Etranger (FCE) [Federation of Congolese Abroad] and former Vice-President of FCE-France. George Alula is the president of the Movement of the Congolese Unity (UNIC) aiming to protect the country’s integrity and strengthen the national unity in DRC. He is a former presidential candidate in the 2006 election in DRC. Dr. Alula was among the nominee for Prime Minister’s position after resignation of the former Prime Minister Antoine Gizenga in 2008. Dr Alula is a problem solver who contributed to restoration of political peace in DRC by suggesting the architecture of the Congolese parliament, moving from 280 members to 620 members – 500 in the Congress and 120 in the Senate. He appeared on the National television in the Congo (Canal Kin, Antenne A, Horizon 33) and interviewed with international medias radio and newspapers: Africa No 1, RFI, Top Congo, CongoWebTV, Tempête des Tropiques, Radio Bendele, Tshiondo, Mangembo, LIB TV, Afrique Magazine, Le Potentiel, Flash Matin, Flash Congo, Voice of America (VOA) and CNN television

Dr. George Alula is the author of the book “The Ignored Economic Genocide – Killing the majority to protect the minority, Sex used as weapon” published in 2009 by Xlibris. He developed the “Congo Recovery Program” (CRP)* submitted to the US Administration for the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Reconstruction through secured $140 billions States Bonds by the United States and the G8-G20 countries. He received an ‘Appreciation letter’ from the United States president Barack Obama few days before the G8 summit in Chicago on May 20, 2012. [* Copyright © – Dr. George Alula 2010-2012]

George Alula obtained his Doctorate degree in Petroleum Chemistry from University of Metz in France, a Master degree in Software Engineering from Telecom Paris (ENST). He holds an Industrial Engineering degree in Industrial Chemistry – with minor in nuclear chemistry – from the Brussels Superior Industrial Institute (ISIB). He holds also a certificate in Business Management from APEC Nancy and is certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from Boston University.