Lucien Ngando


Lucien Ngando, President UNIC-France

Lucien Ngando, President UNIC-France

Lucien Ngando is the President of UNIC-France. He is also the president of the New Forces of Congo Free (FNCL), UNIC'S partner organization. Lucien and New Forces have joined the movement UNIC since July 2013.FNCL have contributed on the decisive breakthrough of UNIC in France. With FNCL, UNIC shows its ability to cooperate with organizations fighting for the same objective in the DRC. Lucien Ngando is also the contact point for many congolese leaders based inside the Congo and that are are UNIC's section opening quickly all over the country. Lucien is fluent in English and French.

The dynamics of youth, the hope of the Grand Congo.

Cyrille Ami’tar Kamanga


Cyrille Amitar Kamanga, Secretary General (France)

Cyrille Amitar Kamanga, Secretary General (France)

Founder and Secretary General of UNIC. Amitar is the President of the Rally for Congolese Living Abroad (RCE - "Rassemblement des Congolais de l'Etranger" in French). Former government employee at Ministry of Labour, He was one of the advisor of Mr. Omba Pene who was himself Personal Assistant to the President Mobutu Sese Seko.

My love for the Congo is unwavering ...

Dieudonne Bovesse – Dido


Dieudonne Bovesse, VP National Board - Belgium

Dieudonne Bovesse, VP National Board

Dieudonné Bovesse is the Vice-President of the National Bureau of the Movement of the Congolese Unity - UNIC (National Unity and Integrity of the Congo). . He is the former president of the federation of Unic in Belgium.

Dido Bovesse is a Project Co-ordinator. For 15 years, he was Manager of a subsidized social economy enterprise for the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region. Dido Bovesse is a former Assistant to the European Parliament in the Committee on International Economic Relations. Dido Bovesse was Coordinator of the agro-industrial activities of the company Congolese Cultures for 3 years.

Dido Bovesse holds a Master's Degree in Political Science and International Relations from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). Where he also earned a Master's Degree in Development Cooperation and a Certificate in Labor Science. He also holds a special degree in Foreign Trade from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC) of the Cooremans Institute in Brussels.