Human Right advocacy

In the 1990s I was member of LICRA (league against racism and anti-Semitism) in Paris, France. I didn’t hesitate to launch a fund raising operation to support Rwandan orphan during the 1994 genocide. I put together the project “Aid to Rwandan Orphan” that was sponsored by two United nations organization (UNICEF and UNESCO) and the French Organization of Cultural and Technical cooperation – actual – International Organization of French speaking country (OIF – Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie) in this purpose.

In July 2009, I wrote and published a book entitled “The Ignored Economic Genocide, Killing the majority to protect a minority, Sex used as weapon” [published by xlibris – see my book section]. I became the Spokesperson of the Congolese Genocide victims. Speaking for the voiceless of Congo and advocating toward world leaders to bring awareness on the silent ongoing genocide in Congo become my main job.

If I was president of Congo, the Congo genocide would have been stopped and we would not have crossed million additional death that bring us to more than 8 million victims since August 2, 1998. With a government that are not advocating to stop the killing of its own people, the genocide in Congo, needs a new leader who will include ending this genocide in his government program.

In April 2010, 52 rabbis took the step and signed a petition asking British leader to stop ignoring the genocide in Congo. We still are looking forward to other leaders to push for the official recognition of the Congo genocide by the G8-G20 countries despite all the United Nations mapping reports confirming that there is an ongoing genocide in Congo.

Instead of focusing only on the human drama, we also provide the way out of this mess. We are advocating for an economic development that will eliminate the conflict of interest of majors’ global countries players in the Congo. With a well developed program, G8-G20 countries will contribute to secure the DRC and create a fair market access to locally transformed minerals and resources. The DRC needs the United States umbrella to lift its development.

Securing the uranium source through well secured local transformation and industrialization will better the world safety and reduce uranium terrorism threat. We are advocating to bringing global effort to build DRC infrastructure. This will lead to an economic boom that will benefit the international market and open the way to prosperity to the African continent.