Killing the majority to protect the minority – Sex used as weapon

published by Xlibris, July 2009.[1]

The Ignored Economic Genocide book

The Ignored Economic Genocide book

People of Congo have suffered the slavery system and two genocides based on economic reasons. Between 1885 and 1908, 10 millions Congolese lost their life during the Congo Free State era under the reign of the Belgian King Leopold II for rubber, copper and diamonds exploitation – Many survived with hand severed.

The ongoing ‘economic genocide’ in Congo leads to six millions people deaths in ten years (1998-2008). The world’s silence in regards to the ongoing Congolese Genocide is beyond belief. These mass killings are perpetrated to access the country’s natural resources. Rwanda and Uganda are backing rebels groups to secure illegal production of Timbers, diamonds, gold, Coltan (used in High-Tech industries). Civilians are killed and women are raped on daily base despite the presence of the largest UN peaces keeping force with 17,000 people. It’s time to end this genocide and bring warlords to justice for crimes against humanity. The country requires new leadership to build a direct supply chain to the international market.


[1] Link to buy the book – amazon or author website on xlibris.