School St Gabriel Yolo-Nord 1969-1970


I was born in Stanleyville – actually Kisangani – in the Belgian Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo – DRC), in July 1957. Three years before the independence from Belgium. I was seven years old when I survived the Simba’s rebellion war that devastated the oriental province in 1964. I did cross dozen of bodies. I witnessed the war in its most and worse side – the lost of many of my family members along with a brutal disruption of my childhood life. I became Orphans of both parents at twelve. Then again, the dream of a young boy’s life changed. With the lost of my mother, I have to focus now all my energy on my education knowing I didn’t have one to resort for my life in the future.

I have completed my education up to the high-school diploma inside the country. I flew for Belgium where I have completed my engineering degree in Brussels before furthering my education in France. I have a PhD in Petro-chemistry. I started my career in within Fortune Global 500 Company in the telecommunication with Alcatel-Lucent group, the banking with the Bank Société Générale and Renault Automobiles.

I create my company Lupsor System Inc in September 1998. Run the business development of my company in a global environment. In the year 2003, my invention was scheduled to enter the live production with more than a million initial orders from large carmaker.

My trip in Congo changed the focus of my life to save my people. Therefore all my business development effort was diverted toward providing the solution to turn around the chaotic situation of the Congo. After many years of mastering the root cause of this human drama, I put together the Congo Recovery Program (CRP) for $140 billion States Bonds that will be secured by the G8-G20 most powerful countries in the World. This program was introduced to the US administration and some private sectors leaders. We received an “Appreciation letter” from the president of the United States Barack Obama for our vision (May 16, 2012).